Azimut shares between declines and optimistic forecasts

Azimut shares are on a roll. Today the stocks of the company listed on the Milan stock exchange are down 2%, after a day, yesterday, which was instead positive.

Today, on the contrary, it was quoted at 18 euros at the opening of the markets, while it is currently fluctuating at 17.50 euros.

Given today’s data, according to Teleborsa projections:

„Azimut’s performance during the week, compared to the FTSE MIB, detects a lower relative strength of the stock, which could become prey to sellers ready to take advantage of potential weaknesses“.

This could lead the price to reach even the low of €17.05.

In recent weeks Azimut has actually Bitcoin Evolution been the protagonist of a surprising rise after releasing the data of the 2020 results, very positive for the group.

Goldman Sachs on the long term estimates that the price of Azimut could grow and extend up to 21.10 euro by 2022. This analysis is supported by the fact that, as revealed by Bankitalia, the savings quota of Italian families has increased, despite the drop in income.

This, too, may have led to an increase in inflows led by Azimut and similar companies such as Banca Mediolanum, FinecoBank, and Banca Generali. Their data also shows an increase in inflows. This makes Goldman Sachs optimistic about the performance of all of them, although the best estimates are reserved for Banca Mediolanum.

About Azimut
Azimut was founded in 1989. With more than 30 years of experience, it has 223,000 customers entrusted to 1,800 financial advisors. It manages total assets of 58 billion euros, distributed in 17 countries around the world. It boasts a profit of between EUR 375 and 415 million.

In its future there is tokenization. As announced by the company, Azimut tokens will be issued in collaboration with the Swiss bank Sygnum. This would be the first digital securitisation of an asset manager in Europe, with the token distributed in what is known as a digital marketplace.

Also planned for this year is the launch of the Beewise app, which will have the contribution of the blockchain and will be aimed at so-called super retail and low affluent investors.